Hello! You've reached the personal website of David Jackson. If you're here because I recently applied for a job at your company, the sidebar/hamburger menu has links to various versions of my resume and other professional content.


  • A "David" who will seamlessly transition to "Dave" or "dj" in rooms with multiple Davids.
  • A software engineer who takes great pride when he puts up a PR with negative LOC.
  • A homeowner that spends the bulk of his free time wandering the aisles of a hardware store.
  • A writer with ambitions that extend far beyond my ability to execute.
  • A citizen struggling to contribute to the creation a more equitable society.
  • A father of two brilliant daughters who will no doubt continue to humble me.
  • A big fan of bulleted lists.

Danger Library?

When I initially bought this domain, I was many years away from having children. I thought it would be a great idea to enable my kids to say "Danger is my middle name" and have it be literally true. But, being a very forward-thinking teen, I figured I'd also want some way to get them to study. I envisioned snapping back, "so is 'Library' - finish your homework."

For better or worse, I did not succeed in convincing my wife to allow me to follow through on this plan, but the domain persists.